She is Glorious

None of the photos are mine, clicking on a photo will take you to its source.


Who is she? What is the name of this photographer? What is the source for this image?

Click most images on She Is Glorious and you will be taken to the source for that image which should hopefully tell you more about the model and photographer.

Why does this image have no source?

I have a large backlog of images saved on my computer. I am trying to find sources for as many as I can but for some I have no joy. Any images which don’t lead to another website are either images with no known source or images I found on a website too dodgy for me to be sending other people too it.

You have used my image without crediting me!

If I have then it will be because I didn’t know who to credit it to. Just get in touch and I will fix the source or remove the image if needed.

Why do you only post images of white women?

The short answer is that I don’t. The longer answer is that I simply post images as and when I come across them and the majority of suitable images out there are of white women. If there is something you think I am missing then send it to me as a submission.

I don’t like your taste in women and think you should post different pictures.

This blog is not a public service but the expression of one man’s taste in women. I will only ever post pictures that appeal to me.